GDC puts a stop to remote prescribing

October 18th, 2011

After a clarification in guidelines to NMC registrants about botox administration, it appears that the General Dental Council (GDC) are also following suit.  Are we now becoming a society where remote prescribing of botox will come to an end?

As of 6th October, the GDC issued a statement to say that no dentist is allowed to prescribe botox remotely, which means that if a dentist continues to remotely prescribe this POM for a non prescriber, whatever their qualification, they will face the fitness to practice panel and could face losing their registration.

An arguement for remote prescribing is that any patient regardless of their location can gain access to medicine especially in emergency situations.  It gives non prescribing injectors access to medicines when the prescriber is in another location.

However, professional guidelines mean nurses cannot administer botox from a remote prescription and may be forced into breaking legislation by not being directed to administer the required dose that the prescriber has assessed the patient as needing.

The General Medical Council (GMC) have strict guidelines on remote prescribing in general stating it should only be used from time to time, that the Doctor follows strict criteria on how and when they can remote prescribe and that it is not as a general means of prescribing medicine.

Now that the GDC have stated Dentists should not prescribe botox remotely, the GMC are clear on when remote prescribing is suitable and the NMC do not allow remote prescribing for botox, are we being faced with a future of every nurse doing their V300 course and a cessation to non healthcare professionals obtaining botox supplies?


Business Mastery Weekend

October 6th, 2011

Two of Cosmetica’s staff were fortunate to be able to attend a mastery training weekend on business management and leadership.  The speakers thrilled the guests with their knowledge and experience of business, including how to raise the profile of your brand, developing strategic level thinking and implementing firm leadership skills using a proven framework.

On the final day we were able to produce a business plan in 18 minutes giving us 3 things that we had to do the following week.  By Monday we had achieved 1 item on the list and had a written strategy for the second, whilst the third is being implemented over the next few days.

We will write a further blog on how to write a business plan that will be realistic to achieve and grow your business.

An after dinner speach was given by Ben Hunt Davies, olympic gold medal winner and author of Will it make the boat go faster?  The strategy he and his team had to win the boat race was to only do things that would make the boat go faster.  They watched the opening ceremony from their hotel room as attending it and spending hours away from training would not make their boat go faster.  He produced firm evidence of showing that if the context was right the content would be managable and obvious.

The action plan that we came away with was a clear strategy on how to excel further in our botox training and cosmetic courses to ensure we continue to improve the level of service that we provide to our delegates.


FAQ part 2

August 27th, 2011

Even with a well established and informative website, users may not wish to read its contents and prefer to speak to someone over the telephone. We are asked on a daily basis who do we train?  When running botox training sessions, our insurance covers us to teach and for our delegates to treat our models that attend for treatment.

The insurance company stipulates who we can and who we cannot train.   Many enquiries are coming from Doctors who have trained outside of the UK and want to know if they can book onto any of our cosmetic courses.  Even with a medical degree we are unfortunately not eligible to offer them botox training unless they have a UK registration with the GMC.

The other consideration for a Doctor who has gained a qualification outside of the UK and is not GMC registered, is where they wish to practice.  If it is in the country where they work, then it would be prudent to ascertain whether their proposed insurance company would accept a UK certificate for any cosmetic course attended in the UK.


Cheap Botox

August 27th, 2011

After a medical professional has undertaken botox training, put a business plan together and started all the necessary undertakings to set up a business to offer aesthetic treatments to their patients.  There are many things that may not have been thought of prior to attending a botox training course.  These have been included in our 5 top tips video that you can access by joining our mailing list.

Two of the things that need careful consideration amongst others are the pricing structure and how you are going to gain your client base.  One question that continues to be asked at our botox courses is how long will it be before their business is successful?

Marketing of your business needs careful consideration, if you get your pricing structure wrong you may be pricing yourself out of the market for being too expensive or too cheap.   Surely if you just undercut all your competitors you will gain all their clients as they will inevitably save money with you?  This is not the case though, only a small percentage of people buy on price alone and by keeping your prices of botox low you will gain only a minority of the market.

We have seen adverts for Cheap Botox Liverpool, the cheapest anti-wrinkle injections around and a variety of other marketing mistakes that may not give the impression that you are providing a quality service with quality products administered by a qualified practitioner.

Value your time, your skills and what you have paid for your botox training course and ensure you offer quality from the outset to help improve your presence in the industry.


Business in a Box

August 17th, 2011

Medical professionals are highly qualified to undertake a wide range of foundation and advanced cosmetic courses, whilst training can be easily sought, setting up a business may not always be as easy to some.  The cost of training initially can be expensive and this is recognised by Cosmetica Training.  We have therefore produced a variety of business in  a box offers that will help you recoup the cost of your training fee meaning you could receive Botox training free of charge.

When undertaking our chemical peel course at a cost of £450 + VAT , you will receive a 4 peel TCA kit free of charge that will enable you to earn £600 undertaking 1 peel on 4 patients or 1 course of 4 peels on 1 patient that you will charge £550 for.

Booking our dermaroller course for just £415 + VAT, will give you 2 dermarollers for which you can earn a total of £500. For delegates who wish to book both chemical peel and dermaroller training, a multiple course booking discount of 10% will be applied, allowing you to train in both procedures for just £778 + VAT.  You will still be eligible to receive both business in a box kits allowing you to earn up to £1100.

The same benefits can be achieved from booking onto our botox and dermal filler training course.  The business in a box for this course consists of all the consumables you would need to undertake your first few dermal filler and Botox treatments, as well as a syringe of Juvederm Ultra, a vial of Azzalure and a vial of Botox * The products in this business in a box can earn you up to £1050.

*terms and conditions apply



Frequently Asked Questions

August 12th, 2011

Telephone enquiries at Cosmetica allow us to answer specific questions that the potential delegate may have about our cosmetic courses.  Often in e-mails we answer a query that may pose a further query for the user.  We have decided to write a blog on some of the best questions we get asked about our Botox training courses.

Q.Will I get enough ppractical experience if I do a combined cosmetic course as opposed to doing a 2 day course?

A. Other training companies who offer cosmetic courses that run over one day consist of the theory of Botox training in the morning with the practical session running in the afternoon.  If you were to do a 2 day Botox and dermal filler training course that would give you 2 half days of practical training which equates to a full day of practical administration.

However, upon reviewing these courses typically allow you to only inject 1 model throughout the afternoon meaning that in the 2 days training you only inject 2 people.

When you compare our combined cosmetic course, you spend the full day injecting models, on average injecting 14 people throughout the day.  Therefore if you choose to undertake a cosmetic course with Cosmetica Training you will experience more practical experience than you would undertaking a 2 day course with another training provider.  The other advantage is that you would only pay for attending 1 day and you also get up to 4 weeks to study the learning material with full tutor support


Comparison of Cosmetic Courses Training Providers

August 9th, 2011

We were asked on the telephone recently “Why should I train with you?”  We had never been asked this question before so we told the caller the benefits of our cosmetic courses and what makes us different.  Cosmetica staff had previously avoided comparing our courses to the Botox training sessions provided by other companies as we believe in promoting the benefits of our training such as our pioneering e-learning approach to training.

In view of the number of mentorship sessions we are running following medical professionals undertaking training with other training providers, we decided to compare our cosmetic courses to some of the most popular training courses in the UK.  We compared our Botox training courses and Combined Botox and Dermal Filler training course in the following areas:

  • Duration of course
  • Combined or individual days
  • Number of delegates on each course
  • Number of models we could inject
  • Cost

Things that we identified included one company who were willing to offer advanced training the day after undertaking their foundation course and that all of the other training providers that offer cosmetic courses, only allow their delegates to inject one model.

Would you be competent after treating only one person during the day of your training session and would you be happy paying an average of £671 for this?

Cosmetica allow you a full day of injection experience where you inject more than one model and you can attend our Combined Botox and Dermal Filler course for just £834.  As we have a maximum of eight delegates per course and book in over 25 models we guarantee to offer the most amount of injection experience with training given by experienced, knowledgeable tutors.

There is only one other company we found that sometimes allowed their delegates to inject more than one person on their Botox course, however, our courses are not like for like as their practical experience only takes place in the afternoon rather than over the full day as it does with Cosmetica.

So next time we are asked “Why should I train with you?” we can categorically say we are the best training company in the UK as we provide more practical experience than any other aesthetic training provider.

Tips to Injecting Vistabel or Azzalure

July 28th, 2011


  1. Prevent infection – clean the skin effectively to remove all traces of makeup and the daily grime that our skin is exposed to.  Heavy makeup can be removed with a baby wipe, some practitioners prefer to use a savlon spray with gauze whereas other injectors prefer to use alcohol wipes.  Alcohol can denature Botox therefore, it is imperative to allow all vapours to evaporate before the chosen area is treated.
  2. Assess what your patient’s preferences are –  The number of patients in my clinic that are astounded when I ask if they want a natural look with some movement, a brow lift or a frozen look with no movement.  I have heard reports of them visiting other injectors and just being injected, sometimes without even signing a consent form.  When assessing your patient’s preferences, you will be able to ascertain how much toxin to use to help achieve the desired look.
  3. Photographs – before and after pictures are sometimes now mandatory for insurance companies and they allow you to show your patient what they were like before their treatment and allow you to compare the result gained from your treatment.
  4. Dosage – when injecting the glabella, look and feel the muscle mass, in doing so you will gauge how many toxin units will be needed and it will serve to identify the bulk, location and width of the muscle.
  5. Anatomy – have an awareness of the surrounding anatomical structures to ensure you do not allow the toxin to affect an area that you do not want to treat. Ensure that a non dominant finger or thumb protects the orbital rim.
  6. Consent – full informed consent should be obtained, it is not necessary to obtain written consent however, it may be easier to prove your patient has been informed of the potential side effects of a Botox injection if they have signed the consent form.
  7. Review your clients to make sure their treatment outcome is as expected.  As a new injector it is essential to be able to see the results of your treatments.
  8. Document what you have injected and where you have placed the units.  If you then need to do a ‘top up’ you can alter their next treatment to include the additional dosage injected at the review appointment.

Renovation of Cosmetica Training Centre Completed

July 26th, 2011

After four weeks of renovation, our premises in Mossley Hill, Liverpool is finally completed. Cosmetica Training was established in October 2007, training medical professionals in the administration of certain cosmetic procedures. Around this time, our courses taught by our highly experienced tutors, were held in business suites and conference rooms in luxury hotels, but due to the progressive growth over four years and a strong need for a clinical environment we decided to open a purpose built training centre.

After finding a large building complex on Allerton Road, we began work to update the interior from a dated set of offices to a modern clinical environment. The renovation varied from painting ceilings to relaying floors to moving walls, all of which contributed to a newer, fresher look throughout our premises.

Now that all of our construction has been completed, the grand opening of our dedicated training centre will occur on 6th September 2011, although our Botox, Dermal Filler and Dermaroller courses will run monthly from 23rd July.

If you partake in one of our highly acknowledged courses, you will be trained in the administration of products produced by Allergan, Galderma and Aestheticare to name a few; you will receive our promotional materials, be able to access our ‘Business in a Box’, which gives you all the consumables and products you need to treat new clients, allowing you to earn a minimum of £550; you will be safe in the knowledge that our teaching is one of the fully approved courses recommended by the medical insurance company Hamillton Fraser and you will also receive CPD accreditation.

Places on our cosmetic courses fill up quickly, so if you have the appropriate qualifications and are keen to attend Botox courses, Dermal Fillers courses to administer fillers such as Juvederm, or train to do Chemical Peels, Dermaroller or LNI, please reserve your place today. For further information, see our booking page .

Why Choose Cosmetica and Liverpool for Botox Training?

July 20th, 2011

As a medical professional you may wish to enter the aesthetics industry to be able to administer a wide range of non surgical treatments.  You will have spent time googling which company to go for to make sure it meets your needs before, during and after completion of your training. If a professional, indepth course that allows you a vast amount of injection experience is your top priority then look no further than us, Cosmetica Training.

We cater for both foundation and advanced botox training courses and dermal filler courses as well as other aesthetic courses that can improve the texture of the skin to enable you to holistically treat your future patients.

Our location is based in a fully equipped and dedicated clinical training centre and is easily accessible from the all over the UK. It has also been reported today that Liverpool is listed second as the city that offers visitors value for money.  The research factored in accommodation in a 4* hotel, food, drink and local transportation.

You can not only start your aesthetics career in a purpose built clinical training centre but also enjoy Liverpool’s culture and vibrant nightlife at a competitive cost too for those wishing to stay overnight.  We are able to source local accommodation and arrange transfers for delegates who request this at the time of booking, all associated charges will be billed to the delegate.

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