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August 12th, 2011

Telephone enquiries at Cosmetica allow us to answer specific questions that the potential delegate may have about our cosmetic courses.  Often in e-mails we answer a query that may pose a further query for the user.  We have decided to write a blog on some of the best questions we get asked about our Botox training courses.

Q.Will I get enough ppractical experience if I do a combined cosmetic course as opposed to doing a 2 day course?

A. Other training companies who offer cosmetic courses that run over one day consist of the theory of Botox training in the morning with the practical session running in the afternoon.  If you were to do a 2 day Botox and dermal filler training course that would give you 2 half days of practical training which equates to a full day of practical administration.

However, upon reviewing these courses typically allow you to only inject 1 model throughout the afternoon meaning that in the 2 days training you only inject 2 people.

When you compare our combined cosmetic course, you spend the full day injecting models, on average injecting 14 people throughout the day.  Therefore if you choose to undertake a cosmetic course with Cosmetica Training you will experience more practical experience than you would undertaking a 2 day course with another training provider.  The other advantage is that you would only pay for attending 1 day and you also get up to 4 weeks to study the learning material with full tutor support


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