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August 27th, 2011

After a medical professional has undertaken botox training, put a business plan together and started all the necessary undertakings to set up a business to offer aesthetic treatments to their patients.  There are many things that may not have been thought of prior to attending a botox training course.  These have been included in our 5 top tips video that you can access by joining our mailing list.

Two of the things that need careful consideration amongst others are the pricing structure and how you are going to gain your client base.  One question that continues to be asked at our botox courses is how long will it be before their business is successful?

Marketing of your business needs careful consideration, if you get your pricing structure wrong you may be pricing yourself out of the market for being too expensive or too cheap.   Surely if you just undercut all your competitors you will gain all their clients as they will inevitably save money with you?  This is not the case though, only a small percentage of people buy on price alone and by keeping your prices of botox low you will gain only a minority of the market.

We have seen adverts for Cheap Botox Liverpool, the cheapest anti-wrinkle injections around and a variety of other marketing mistakes that may not give the impression that you are providing a quality service with quality products administered by a qualified practitioner.

Value your time, your skills and what you have paid for your botox training course and ensure you offer quality from the outset to help improve your presence in the industry.


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