The Benefits of Blood

March 26th, 2015

In his latest BBC documentary, Dr Michael Mosley investigates the benefits of consuming your own blood as despite years of research the regenerative properties of blood are only just beginning to be exploited.

PRP training course

Whilst eating sausages containing your own blood might not be to everyones taste, the benefits of blood are well know within the aesthetics industry and are utilised in the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or ‘Vampire Facelift’ treatment.

Along with Thread Lift treatments, the Vampire Facelift is one of the most talked about treatments currently on the aesthetics market and is an amazing addition to any cosmetic clinic.

During the treatment a small volume of the patient’s blood is taken and then separated in a centrifuge. The platelets and plasma can then be injected into scars and wrinkles providing amazing results for patients.

Our one-day PRP training course is available to all doctors, dentists, nurses and midwives and costs just £295+VAT.



Business in a Box

August 17th, 2011

Medical professionals are highly qualified to undertake a wide range of foundation and advanced cosmetic courses, whilst training can be easily sought, setting up a business may not always be as easy to some.  The cost of training initially can be expensive and this is recognised by Cosmetica Training.  We have therefore produced a variety of business in  a box offers that will help you recoup the cost of your training fee meaning you could receive Botox training free of charge.

When undertaking our chemical peel course at a cost of £450 + VAT , you will receive a 4 peel TCA kit free of charge that will enable you to earn £600 undertaking 1 peel on 4 patients or 1 course of 4 peels on 1 patient that you will charge £550 for.

Booking our dermaroller course for just £415 + VAT, will give you 2 dermarollers for which you can earn a total of £500. For delegates who wish to book both chemical peel and dermaroller training, a multiple course booking discount of 10% will be applied, allowing you to train in both procedures for just £778 + VAT.  You will still be eligible to receive both business in a box kits allowing you to earn up to £1100.

The same benefits can be achieved from booking onto our botox and dermal filler training course.  The business in a box for this course consists of all the consumables you would need to undertake your first few dermal filler and Botox treatments, as well as a syringe of Juvederm Ultra, a vial of Azzalure and a vial of Botox * The products in this business in a box can earn you up to £1050.

*terms and conditions apply



Video Filming for Cosmetica’s Website

August 6th, 2011

Filming for our new videos for the Cosmetica Training website took place on 23rd July during our Botox training course and dermal filler course, shooting footage of the practical training session as well as the business presentation.  We were fortunate to receive 8 testimonials from our delegates that day also.  The delegates were asked a number of
questions based on why they chose Cosmetica for their Botox training course,
how did they find the e-learning aspect of the course, what were the highlights
of the day and would they recommend our Botox courses to others and if so why.

Part two of the filming took place on Wednesday 27th
July with our presenter Alex Leigh Alex Leigh presenting on Cosmetica Botox Training Course video talking to camera about the benefits of our Botox courses and providing information for models who wish to have a cost price Botox or dermal filler treatment.

The production company we used, Insight Moving Images, who we found to be professional, knowledgeable and managed the whole day
successfully.   After an initial visit to our site to ascertain the specific lighting requirements and placement of their equipment during the day, was carried out to enable a smooth, seamless filming session with little to no disturbance to the training session.

Our new website will be live within the next few weeks to include a video clip on each page of the Cosmetica Training website.  This will allow all users of our website to view the short, informative clips giving information about our aesthetic training courses and to view our clinical training centre.

To book any of our courses call us on 0845 467 7732, we will need your registration number for GDC, GMC or NMC as well as seeing photographic identification on the day of your course.  Courses can be booked for a £100 deposit with final balances due 4 weeks before the start of the course or payment in full by credit or debit card.

Renovation of Cosmetica Training Centre Completed

July 26th, 2011

After four weeks of renovation, our premises in Mossley Hill, Liverpool is finally completed. Cosmetica Training was established in October 2007, training medical professionals in the administration of certain cosmetic procedures. Around this time, our courses taught by our highly experienced tutors, were held in business suites and conference rooms in luxury hotels, but due to the progressive growth over four years and a strong need for a clinical environment we decided to open a purpose built training centre.

After finding a large building complex on Allerton Road, we began work to update the interior from a dated set of offices to a modern clinical environment. The renovation varied from painting ceilings to relaying floors to moving walls, all of which contributed to a newer, fresher look throughout our premises.

Now that all of our construction has been completed, the grand opening of our dedicated training centre will occur on 6th September 2011, although our Botox, Dermal Filler and Dermaroller courses will run monthly from 23rd July.

If you partake in one of our highly acknowledged courses, you will be trained in the administration of products produced by Allergan, Galderma and Aestheticare to name a few; you will receive our promotional materials, be able to access our ‘Business in a Box’, which gives you all the consumables and products you need to treat new clients, allowing you to earn a minimum of £550; you will be safe in the knowledge that our teaching is one of the fully approved courses recommended by the medical insurance company Hamillton Fraser and you will also receive CPD accreditation.

Places on our cosmetic courses fill up quickly, so if you have the appropriate qualifications and are keen to attend Botox courses, Dermal Fillers courses to administer fillers such as Juvederm, or train to do Chemical Peels, Dermaroller or LNI, please reserve your place today. For further information, see our booking page .

Why Choose Cosmetica and Liverpool for Botox Training?

July 20th, 2011

As a medical professional you may wish to enter the aesthetics industry to be able to administer a wide range of non surgical treatments.  You will have spent time googling which company to go for to make sure it meets your needs before, during and after completion of your training. If a professional, indepth course that allows you a vast amount of injection experience is your top priority then look no further than us, Cosmetica Training.

We cater for both foundation and advanced botox training courses and dermal filler courses as well as other aesthetic courses that can improve the texture of the skin to enable you to holistically treat your future patients.

Our location is based in a fully equipped and dedicated clinical training centre and is easily accessible from the all over the UK. It has also been reported today that Liverpool is listed second as the city that offers visitors value for money.  The research factored in accommodation in a 4* hotel, food, drink and local transportation.

You can not only start your aesthetics career in a purpose built clinical training centre but also enjoy Liverpool’s culture and vibrant nightlife at a competitive cost too for those wishing to stay overnight.  We are able to source local accommodation and arrange transfers for delegates who request this at the time of booking, all associated charges will be billed to the delegate.

Obagi Blue Peel

July 16th, 2011

Chemical skin peels are a highly sought after treatment and any practitioner wishing to undertake them need to ensure they book on the right training course.  You need to ascertain which type of peels you wish to do and what sort of down time the patient is going to go through following the treatment.

There are superficial salicylic acids, glycolic acids and the more popular trichloroacetic acid. Dr Philippe Deprez is the man behind the Easy TCA Skin Tech range which is used by many practitioners world wide, it is easy to use and achieves the desired results with different protocols available for varying conditions.

Taking America and many other countries by storm is the prescription strength products from Dr Zein Obagi.  With a 15 % and 20 % TCA, their Blue peel achieves controlled penetration to either a superficial depth or penetrating deeper to the papillary or reticular dermis.  The Obagi line is not matched by any other medical range we have seen and is reflected in the price tag.

The blue peel allows for 3 clinical end points as a guide to show the depth the peel has reached, 2 of which are frosting and epidermal sliding. A papillary peel will mean a down time of around 5 – 7 days duration following a 6 week skin preparation course.  The active ingredients of Obagi Nu Derm should be stopped around 4 days prior to having the blue peel and should be gradually introduced following the blue peel application.

The risk of post inflammatory pigmentation is reduced with the blue peel due to the preparation and continual use of the Obagi range, making this peel suitable for any skin type.

Our new Cosmetica clinic sees the launch of the Obagi blue peel which is available from our trained medical staff. For prices and further information please contact us on 0845 467 7732.

Artiste – Assisted Injection System

July 15th, 2011

Throughout the years we have seen systems come and go that are supposed to make our lives as an aesthetic injector easy, but we are yet to use a system that delivers the ease, speed and comfort that we can achieve in daily clinics using expertise and topical or local anaesthetic.

We remained sceptical when we heard of the new Artiste system by Nordson Micromedics.  We were approached to see if we were interested in utilising this system during our botox and dermal filler training courses, our initial thoughts were that we could not see it fit into our company although it may be of interest to our tutors.

Upon delivery of the system, it was easy to assemble and to use with fool proof instructions.  The old Juvederm Ultra syringes do not fit the hand pieces, however all other syringes can be accommodated by the different hand pieces that are available.

The pressure gauge is easily changed to adjust to the different thickness of dermal fillers that are to be injected and the higher the pressure the faster the flow.  The system would be suitable for use by all although great care and skill is still required to ensure the right injection depth is gained.  it is also suitable to those practitioners that prefer to inject quickly or at a slower pace.

Booked into our Cosmetica clinic today we had lip augmentations, peri oral lines, oral commissures and liquid face lifts.  50 % of the patients were injected manually and the remaining patients were injected using the Artiste system.  All patients had topical anaesthetic applied for 30 minutes prior to treatment and were asked to score the treatmetn on a pain scale of 1 – 10, the lower the number equating to a pain free treatment.

Those patients injected manually assessed their pain scale as 6 – 7 whereas the patients injected with the