Secret Shoppers?

June 2nd, 2011

Over the past week Cosmetica Training has received numerous telephone enquiries from “members of the public” wanting to undertake Botox training courses. They appear to have no qualifications relevant to being a medical professional, yet advise us they are ‘desperate to train’ and ask if there is a shortened route to applying for a Botox course? Cosmetica staff are available to answer queries but are now left wondering whether the latest influx in fake enquiries is related to an article that is about to published or the development of the training criteria for entry onto treatments you can trust website.

The first enquiry today fired questions at us regarding Botox training courses suggesting he asked insurance underwriters what the minimum requirements were, their response reportedly being NVQ 3. When we advised that we only train doctors, dentists and nurses the caller responded by saying he actually worked in an underwriter’s office and that was what he had been informed. We were then questioned on what a Level 3 degree is required to attend a Botox course, would a Geography course be acceptable? The misinformed caller or shall we call him questioner, then suggested he had heard dental hygienists could prescribe Botox and do not need to work with a Dentist. Degree courses nowadays are at level 6 and despite re-iterating numerous times who we train this did not deter the caller to continue to question us. One of the comments we found strange was that he apparently owned pubs and wanted to sell them to undertake a Botox training course; he must have forgotten he had previously informed us he worked within the insurance industry!

We were shocked to receive a further call a mere 20 minutes later from another “member of the public” again enquiring about how he can gain access to Botox training. Again he had no qualifications and was asking about whether you had to be a Doctor, Dentist or Nurse. Were there any other qualifications that were acceptable, say a dental hygienist or a beauty therapist? We advised him as we normally do after stating that this was the second call we had received within half an hour asking the same questions. This caller’s response was to state that there must obviously be a lot of the public who want confirmation of who can attend Botox courses. The telling sign that this enquiry was not genuine was the background news clearly heard of many other colleagues requesting similar information.

The last question from both enquiries was “Is there a shortened route to being able to attend a Botox course?” The reply simply was, “Botox is a prescription only medicine and can have very serious side effects, it is not possible to attend a 3 month long course and then be able to administer Botox, you need to be medically trained”.

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