Lip Augmentation

May 10th, 2011

The trends in lip augmentation have changed over the years from the Paris lip to the fully enhanced look; however these results have paved the way for a more natural appearance. When running dermal filler training courses we see approximately 30% of models requesting lip augmentation.  Other popular areas for treatment on basic administration courses are naso labial folds, marionettes, peri oral and cheek lines. Full lip augmentation is not included in the basic course as volumising the lip, creating a pout or enhancing philtrim ridges are included in our local nerve infiltration and lip course.

When teaching medical professionals basic dermal filler techniques we include enhancement of the vermillion border or white roll.  Selecting the most appropriate product for the model undergoing treatment is key to giving a natural augmentation; the most popular dermal filler we use is Juvederm Ultra Smile.  The problems we see during our training sessions are a loss of volume and projection, lack of definition with the lip outline as well as the Cupid’s bow and the evidence of fine lines.  If the peri-oral lines are very superficial, have recently appeared and protrude a couple of millimetres beyond the lip line, augmenting the vermillion border can improve their appearance as well as subtly enhancing the lip.

Potential side effects of having lip augmentation are erythema, swelling and bruising.  Swelling can often be asymmetrical and can be exacerbated by any haematoma, a cold sore can develop if there is history of herpes simplex virus although prophylactic oral acyclovir can be prescribed for 5 days before treatment.  Less common side effects include discoloration, granuloma, cysts or nodules forming around implantation site and very rarely, the risk of tissue necrosis.

Treatment is generally not recommended if you are pregnant or breast feeding, have any infections or active lesions at the injection site, have shown previous hypersensitivity to a dermal filler or are allergic to lidocaine if the product to be used has lidocaine in it. It may be advisable to withhold treatment if you have any uncontrolled auto immune diseases. If you would like to be a model for our delegates please visit modelbooking.html

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