Launch of Emervel

May 23rd, 2011

Nestle and L’Oreal  are the parents of a dermatology company called Galderma who offer advanced skin care products.  They wanted to be able to offer a dermal filler however, in order to do that they had to release a Botulinum Neuro Toxin (BoNT) first.  The BoNT that they sell is Azzalure which is the licensed version of Dysport, proven to clinically give long lasting results with a rapid onset of action.

Cosmetica Training’s tutors had the opportunity to visit Galderma’s head quarters in Nice last year and had the pleasure of seeing them carry out tests on the extrusion force of their new dermal filler.  Previous fillers had been tested in their laboratories however, it was their latest offering that certainly met the grade.

We are now pleased to announce the availability of their Emervel range to include Lips, Touch, Classic, Deep and Volume.  Emervel contains lidocaine and no free hyaluronic acid is found within the product which can potentially reduce injection site oedema.

Emervel uses the industry standard butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE)as a cross linker to ensure the resulting product provides long lasting results that the market insists upon. The reported level of this BDDE is said to be at the limit expected by the Food and Drug Administration although it is suggested that the carcinogenic risk of lifetime exposure to BDDE was minimal.

With prices for this dermal filler at the higher end of the market it will be interesting to see how well this product sells.  Delegates and models can be assured that Cosmetica will continue to use Juvederm Ultra on our dermal filler courses which are used in clinical practice by our tutors.

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