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December 1st, 2012

If you are considering entering into a career to administer Botox or Dermal fillers you will need to firstly undertake an appropriate training course. Our courses can be taken over one or two days. You can choose to apply for our Botox training course or our combined course. On the first day you will learn how to administer treatments to models that we supply. If you choose to do our two day course you will also learn how to correct patients that you have already treated when they return for a review appointment. To gain all the assistance you require to set up a successful business the second part of day two will be of great benefit to you.

After you have received your certificate of completion or certificate of competence you will need to gain insurance.  Insurance companies in the UK will not accept a certificate of attendance, this is why when you successfully complete one of our courses you will receive a certificate of completion.  Once you have set up your insurance policy you are all set to order products to start to treat your patients.  It is important to comply with professional guidance as if you undertake aspects within your business that your governing body does not recommend, your insurance will be invalidated, according to Hamilton Fraser.

Insurance is there to protect you against malpractice claims, if this becomes invalidated you will be fully responsible for any malpractice claims that you may encounter.  It is therefore vital to ensure you do not undertake anything that will risk insurance cover and have a complaints policy set up before you treat your first client.  It is important that you and your patients are fully protected when botox or dermal fillers are administered.

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