Tips to Injecting Vistabel or Azzalure

July 28th, 2011


  1. Prevent infection – clean the skin effectively to remove all traces of makeup and the daily grime that our skin is exposed to.  Heavy makeup can be removed with a baby wipe, some practitioners prefer to use a savlon spray with gauze whereas other injectors prefer to use alcohol wipes.  Alcohol can denature Botox therefore, it is imperative to allow all vapours to evaporate before the chosen area is treated.
  2. Assess what your patient’s preferences are –  The number of patients in my clinic that are astounded when I ask if they want a natural look with some movement, a brow lift or a frozen look with no movement.  I have heard reports of them visiting other injectors and just being injected, sometimes without even signing a consent form.  When assessing your patient’s preferences, you will be able to ascertain how much toxin to use to help achieve the desired look.
  3. Photographs – before and after pictures are sometimes now mandatory for insurance companies and they allow you to show your patient what they were like before their treatment and allow you to compare the result gained from your treatment.
  4. Dosage – when injecting the glabella, look and feel the muscle mass, in doing so you will gauge how many toxin units will be needed and it will serve to identify the bulk, location and width of the muscle.
  5. Anatomy – have an awareness of the surrounding anatomical structures to ensure you do not allow the toxin to affect an area that you do not want to treat. Ensure that a non dominant finger or thumb protects the orbital rim.
  6. Consent – full informed consent should be obtained, it is not necessary to obtain written consent however, it may be easier to prove your patient has been informed of the potential side effects of a Botox injection if they have signed the consent form.
  7. Review your clients to make sure their treatment outcome is as expected.  As a new injector it is essential to be able to see the results of your treatments.
  8. Document what you have injected and where you have placed the units.  If you then need to do a ‘top up’ you can alter their next treatment to include the additional dosage injected at the review appointment.

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