Standards for Botox Training

June 6th, 2011

As ever increasing numbers of people train in Botox courses, calls to regulate the industry were heard throughout the UK.  The Government did not want to regulate however, gave the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) funds to create a self regulatory body.  The result, Treatments You Can Trust.

It was thought initially they would include standards for training providers and we have waited with baited breath for the arrival of such protocols.  Current companies have such diverse protocols, such as how many delegates are allowed on each course, the tutor to delegate ratio, the number of topics taught in one day, what qualifications they accept and how open they are to advising non prescribing delegates need to work prior to booking them onto a course.

On 6th June the Treatments You Can Trust Governance Group are meeting to discuss the Training Principles that will apply to registration as a Botox Training provider.  Cosmetica were privileged to be able to view these principles of best training practice and were asked to provide comments as to the contents.  The Principles should be used in conjunction with the Standards for registration onto the Treatments You Can Trust register of injectors.

It is hoped that these Principles will standardise the way medical professionals are trained to ensure each new injector is exposed to the same high quality training which will hopefully lead to increased public safety with all injectors having the same practical experience and skills upon completion of their aesthetic training course.

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