Plateley Rich Plasma Training Course

January 13th, 2014

Platelet rich plasma or the rather aptly named vampire facelift has been reaching dizzy heights of clients requesting this treatment. These requests are estimated to grow a further 807% this year. So what does this mean for aesthetic clinics? Firstly, if you’re not already offering this treatment, now is the time to get trained to enable you to stay ahead of your competition. As per our usual Cosmetica Training Courses, we offer advice on how to introduce this treatment into your clinic and will ensure that you receive enough practical experience to ensure your competency in administering the plasma successfully. The second aspect would be to do a bit of market research, who else is offering these treatments, what are they charging, how are they implementing PRP into their marketing strategy?

This is not, of course, an exhaustive list but will give you, the aesthetic medical professional, a small insight into what you are potentially missing out on. If you find that lots of other clinics are offering this treatment, does this mean that the market is saturated? On the contrary, it means that they are busy undertaking treatments that you currently do not offer and could be missing out on revenue. If relatively few clinics are offering it, this is a lucrative way of staying ahead of your competition.

PRP can be used for numerous applications and we start you off learning how to do basic rejuvenation of the face, neck and décolletage. Without the need for a prescription or face to face consultation with a prescriber, this treatment is ideal for those worried about how legislation has changed over the years. To learn more about this training course or to book a place for just £295 + VAT call us on 0151 722 6070.

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