Obagi Blue Peel

July 16th, 2011

Chemical skin peels are a highly sought after treatment and any practitioner wishing to undertake them need to ensure they book on the right training course.  You need to ascertain which type of peels you wish to do and what sort of down time the patient is going to go through following the treatment.

There are superficial salicylic acids, glycolic acids and the more popular trichloroacetic acid. Dr Philippe Deprez is the man behind the Easy TCA Skin Tech range which is used by many practitioners world wide, it is easy to use and achieves the desired results with different protocols available for varying conditions.

Taking America and many other countries by storm is the prescription strength products from Dr Zein Obagi.  With a 15 % and 20 % TCA, their Blue peel achieves controlled penetration to either a superficial depth or penetrating deeper to the papillary or reticular dermis.  The Obagi line is not matched by any other medical range we have seen and is reflected in the price tag.

The blue peel allows for 3 clinical end points as a guide to show the depth the peel has reached, 2 of which are frosting and epidermal sliding. A papillary peel will mean a down time of around 5 – 7 days duration following a 6 week skin preparation course.  The active ingredients of Obagi Nu Derm should be stopped around 4 days prior to having the blue peel and should be gradually introduced following the blue peel application.

The risk of post inflammatory pigmentation is reduced with the blue peel due to the preparation and continual use of the Obagi range, making this peel suitable for any skin type.

Our new Cosmetica clinic sees the launch of the Obagi blue peel which is available from our trained medical staff. For prices and further information please contact us on 0845 467 7732.

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