Increase your profit – tip 3

October 21st, 2011

Now that you have recorded those vital pieces of information from your callers have you developed a strategy on what you are going to do with that information?  If you are storing it on a database then you need to have a Data Protection Number, however, if the information is to be hand written onto a piece of paper then no DPN is reported to be required.  How often are you going to contact that new caller, will you just phone them once, twice maybe three or four times?  It has been suggested that sometimes people may not buy from you until you have contacted them at least 14 times so do not give up, equally do not bombard them daily with messages saying “Buy from me”.

You need to offer them an incentive to purchase and to ascertain what incentive is going to be most effective. If you are targeting botox liverpool, it may be that you do not advertise the price of botox (as this would also be against MHRA legislation) but that you offer a free skin peel or vitamin c serum with any anti-wrinkle injection or any purchase.  We have known one practitioner offer a free skin peel to the first 50 callers, they then tried to softly convert them into having a course of peels which covered the cost of the free peel that they gave away, or advised on a certain cream to use and the profit from that cream paid for the cost of the peel.  Whilst the latter may not have brought in any profit, they did get 50 new contacts in the process.


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