Increase your profit – Tip 1

October 6th, 2011

These tips are based around medical professionals who have undertaken cosmetic courses with us however, they can be applied to any business to ensure you make the most out of  your earning potential.

If you are a new business you need to carry out marketing strategies to allow your future customers to be aware of your services.  As a business that wants to grow you need to gain new customers as well as retaining current customers.  This can be done by effectively using proven marketing strategies where expenditure will lead to added revenue.

Most people will place adverts in papers and keep their fingers crossed,  hoping that the phone will ring, they will sometimes place the same adverts in many of the local papers or create a free website waiting for potential clients to visit it.  When you receive a phone call, do you ask the most important question; “How did you hear about us?” You need confirmation of where they have seen your advertisement, a simple I saw your ad is not enough.  You need to ascertain which paper or magazine they saw it in.  If you placed 5 adverts in 5 papers you may only be getting enquiries from 1 advert.

So ask the question, which paper was it?  If every caller states the same answer then you know that the other 4 adverts aren’t working and you should STOP advertising in those 4 newspapers.  Alternatively, put a unique code to quote so you can trace the original source.  When you know what works continue with that method.

The content of the advert is important also, what is more effective?:

  1. Botox Liverpool now available at £150 per area
  2. Free consultations to a younger looking you

The first strap line is not only illegal, as you cannot advertise a POM to the general public but what is the incentive for someone to pick up the phone and call you? Many injectors in Liverpool offer botox for £150 so you need to give them a reason to call you.  The second strap line uses a very powerful word, free, it is eye catching, it has that x factor, people like getting things for free, I certainly do! It is also talking to the person, now I wouldn’t recommend using that particular strap line, there are better phrases you can use to catch people’s attention.  Adverts need to talk to the reader, you need to give them a compelling reason to pick up the phone and book an appointment to come and see you.


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