GDC puts a stop to remote prescribing

October 18th, 2011

After a clarification in guidelines to NMC registrants about botox administration, it appears that the General Dental Council (GDC) are also following suit.  Are we now becoming a society where remote prescribing of botox will come to an end?

As of 6th October, the GDC issued a statement to say that no dentist is allowed to prescribe botox remotely, which means that if a dentist continues to remotely prescribe this POM for a non prescriber, whatever their qualification, they will face the fitness to practice panel and could face losing their registration.

An arguement for remote prescribing is that any patient regardless of their location can gain access to medicine especially in emergency situations.  It gives non prescribing injectors access to medicines when the prescriber is in another location.

However, professional guidelines mean nurses cannot administer botox from a remote prescription and may be forced into breaking legislation by not being directed to administer the required dose that the prescriber has assessed the patient as needing.

The General Medical Council (GMC) have strict guidelines on remote prescribing in general stating it should only be used from time to time, that the Doctor follows strict criteria on how and when they can remote prescribe and that it is not as a general means of prescribing medicine.

Now that the GDC have stated Dentists should not prescribe botox remotely, the GMC are clear on when remote prescribing is suitable and the NMC do not allow remote prescribing for botox, are we being faced with a future of every nurse doing their V300 course and a cessation to non healthcare professionals obtaining botox supplies?


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