Chemical Peels and Stretch Marks

May 17th, 2011

Cosmetica Training staff benefited from attending an advanced chemical peel course with Dr Philippe Deprez of Skin Tech. The course revisited some of the many protocols of the Easy TCA peel to include the existing as well as the new daily skin care products. It was exciting to see their Uni Deep, Only Touch and Lip and Eyelid included in the course as well as the new range of Phenol Peels.

The launch of their new easy Phen Light shows exciting prospects with a reduced 60% phenol mixed with an oily solution to slow down the penetration of what is an otherwise potential toxic product.  The application of this peel requires a long appointment time to prevent toxicity and 10 minutes at least should elapse between each area being treated.

Following the 2 day course Cosmetica trainers were pleased to participate in a trial of their new stretch mark and easy phen light products, with 3 patients included in to treat stretch marks on the abdomen and buttocks. It will be interesting to see the results of the trial after treating striae that are both old and new with varying degrees of paraesthesia.  The participants of the easy phen light are due to commence shortly after some additional protocols have been drawn up by the medical staff and we will present our findings in due course.

The patients undergoing treatment of wide, deep striae found the treatment pain free however, we found that the superficial striae that were being treated necessitated the need for a topical anaesthetic beforehand.  The chosen product is Skin Techs new Reparestim TD Striae Regeneration which aims to improve epithelialisation, local circulation, elasticity and thickness of the skin. Treatment outcomes will be reviewed after 5 treatments have taken place with weekly treatments being continued for the more severe presenting striae.

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