Botox Training – The Benefits of E-Learning

July 18th, 2011

At Cosmetica Training we pride ourselves in offering the most practical experience than any other course currently offered by another training company. With Botox training the only way you can become competent is by having hands on practice.  Can you realistically be competent after injecting just one person with Botulinum toxin type A?  We believe that you cannot, yet courses that only allow their delegates to inject one model seem to be highly sought after.

Traditionally, Botox courses are ran by undertaking the theory during the morning and the practical session only commences in the afternoon.  Some courses being offered allow only 2 hours of injection training throughout the day, others allow for 4 hours of practical, however, these 4 hours are often shared with 10 – 15 other delegates.  

To change the way aesthetic courses are run we introduced e-learning, this enables you to spend a minimum of 2 weeks studying the theory, which we provide to you in written format and on a DVD.  During this time you get full tutor support and any queries you have are answered within 24 hours of your e-mail being sent to us.  On your practical training day you benefit from 7 hours of practical administration.  At the end of your Botox course you will be fully competent and be able to set up a clinic offering aesthetic treatments.

Attendance of a Botox training course ran by Cosmetica guarantees that you will be completely satisfied with the experience you have with us that we have a satisfaction guarantee.  If you feel that you are not fully competent with your injection technique, tell us before you leave and we will invite you back for a further practical session.

Full aftercare packages are available to all our delegates upon successful completion of our courses to range from e-mail support to full clinic visits to assist in setting up and running your first sessions.

When you train with Cosmetica we can put into place everything to help you to succeed.

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