Are the Public Protected by Beauty Therapists?

May 10th, 2011

Medical professionals are arguably more qualified and experienced to undertake botox and dermal filler treatments than any beauty therapist and the public has more protection under their care, which is the most important aspect.

Medical professionals have to be registered with their governing body in order to work as a doctor, dentist or nurse.  Each governing body has set guidelines for their registrants to follow as a condition of their registration. If a guideline is not adhered to, the professional has to answer to their council which may lead to an interim suspension order or the removal of their name from the associated professional register.

The GDC removed a dentist’s name from the register for being disrespectful to patients and staff and for refusing to do a dental treatment on a patient until they had first paid at reception. The GMC erased a doctor’s name from the register for charges, including self administering of a sedative, whilst the NMC struck off a nurse for being convicted of breech of the peace and using a work phone to send inappropriate messages to a patient.

In light of how the standards of upholding the profession of a medical professional spans across work and personal life, they could be seen as being more attentive, ethical, professional and assure the safety of patients at all times. If a beauty therapist however, was disrespectful to a client, behaved unethically or inappropriately they would not lose their beauty therapy qualification as would occur with a medical professional. When this is transferred to patient care, it is clear that a patient undergoing treatment from a medical professional has more protection and an official governing body to voice any complaints to.

To check if your aesthetic injector is appropriately registered nurse visit the NMC website, for doctors visit the GMC website and for dentists visit the GDC website.

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