1 reason to stop using moisturiser

June 27th, 2011

We have it drummed into us from an early age from the beauty counters to cleanse tone and moisturise.  We are sold day creams, night creams, eye serums, creams with SPF15 and any other anti-ageing craze the beauty industry comes up with. Is this regime doing our skin more harm than good? Do we need to use moisturiser at all? Ask the majority of people and the answer will be a resounding “yes of course you need to use moisturiser”, but do we?

We have always promoted the fact that if your skin is healthy you do not need a moisturiser. According to a recent course update an explanation was given as to why we do not actually need a topical moisturiser. Our body has the ability to hydrate itself and if your skin is healthy we should avoid using moisturiser at all.  If you look at the Obagi skin care range, there is actually no moisturiser in their kit yet all their users have beautifully healthy and young looking skin. When first using their Nu-Derm kit the skin goes through a period of “down time” which the effects can be reduced by using http://nygoodhealth.com/product/propecia/ moisturiser, however, in using the moisturiser you will put yourself back a few steps in achieving healthy skin.

The top layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum, in these skin cells there are levels of natural moisturizing factor produced by filaggrins. The NMF is responsible for maintaining hydration of the skin, when there is a lack of moisture, NMF is produced by the body.  However, when we do as we are told and falsely hydrate our skin with moisturiser our own production of NMF is slowed down as we trick our body into thinking it is well hydrated. With continued false hydration our body ceases to produce NMF as it relies on the moisturiser to hydrate the skin. 

This has a marked effect on our protective layer and can be seen when we do not apply moisturiser, the skin becomes, dry, tight and flaky.  If you were to stop using moisturiser your body would naturally start to produce NMF although it may take a few weeks for this to happen. Do you think you can you stop using moisturiser?

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