Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation Treatments

Skin Pigmentation

Skin Pigmentation can occur naturally as a result of the ageing process or from over exposure to the sun. There are a number of potential treatments including model-dermaroller-and-chemical-peel-treatments.html">chemical skin peels, model-dermaroller-and-chemical-peel-treatments.html">dermaroller and the Obagi Skincare Range all of which are available with Cosmetica Training.

Skin Peels start from just £20, dermaroller from £50 and Obagi from £130.

Skin Rejuvenation

For those of us with damaged or crepey skin, skin rejuvenation using mesotherapy can be used to rehydrate skin and brighten the appearance. A course of three treatments is usually required for maximum results.

Skin Rejuvenation is currently only available by booking a GOLD appointment with treatments starting from £100.

Scarring & Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks caused by pregnancy, weight gain or adolescence can be treated via a range of treatments including dermaroller or chemical skin peels. Better results can be acheived the sooner that the stretch marks are treated.

Scarring can also be treated with model-dermaroller-and-chemical-peel-treatments.html">Dermaroller or Dermastamp.