Dermaroller & Chemical Peel Treatments


Dermaroller is a small roller containing hundreds of tiny pins 1.5mm in length. As it is rolled across the skin the pins pierce the skin causing the body to produce collagen. This collagen production results in the tighten of the skin. Dermaroller can be used to successfully treat acne scarring, ageing skin and stretch marks.

Appointments are available on one of our Dermaroller Training Courses or with one of our GOLD injectors with prices starting from just £50.

Chemical Skin Peels

A course of chemical skin peel treatments can be used to accutane isotretinoin combat acne scarring, dull skin, the first appearance of lines and blocked pores. For those wanting a fresher look why not book an appointment for one of our mild peels or for a more lasting result why not go for a deeper peel?

Cosmetica Training use the industry leading TCA range of skin peels. Appointments are available on our Chemcial Peel Training Courses with prices starting from £20 for a mild peel and £40 for a deep peel. GOLD appointments are also available.